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  1. Clinical Rotation In COVID Unit

    I start next week and we all are fiitted with N95 masks which we have to wear at all times with goggles. We will not be assigned COVID patients (those which are confirmed positive). That being said you could be in contact with a patient who is positi...
  2. Converse sneakers at clinicals

    My school requires all white leather shoes as well. It is definitely up to your schools dress code.
  3. Yes I would just wear gloves and maybe a mask if necessary. Your not to ever actually touch the drugs or medications anyhow. They gave you pretty good advice. Many nurses have allergies as they are human too. I'd ask your physician, carry the epineph...
  4. Also there are so many different avenues in nursing. Maybe maternal and infant won't be the area you want to work in. That information is not necessary for the other areas you know. Just do you best to get through it we all have the areas we do bette...
  5. It is not just you! Remember you are good enough. I start clinicals next week and am super nervous. I was a waitress most of my life I was great with people but now being home for the last 4 years I feel like an awkward alien. Even though I usua...
  6. Suboxone salary

    I just know they have to get special permission for a small set of patients and do 24 hours of training. I know where I live it's mostly doctors that prescribe and many won't take certain insurances and some only take cash and charge insane fees for ...
  7. Relapsed during furlough on suboxone now

    It does seem though they don't include it on most regular tests but I'd imagine if you worked at a rehab or somewhere like that they may.. just depends on the type of test they do as it does cost more to add it to the screen.
  8. Relapsed during furlough on suboxone now

    I also read in a forum that if you fail they the nursing board then can pull your medial records which is how they get that history but it don't be standard just if you are under investigation. One girl took a Xanax from an expired prescriptio...
  9. Relapsed during furlough on suboxone now

    Yes I have seen a lot of people in my family be addicted to medications and wanted to avoid taking anything like that esp long term. I had been through a very violent abusive relationship which I think was the cause of my issues with anxiety and depr...
  10. Relapsed during furlough on suboxone now

    I just read this article posted by RN Bill Kinkle this year actually and they won't allow you on suboxone while nursing in Pennsylvania. They will make you get expensive testing that proves you are not cognitively negatively affected I don't remember...