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    Can a Diploma RN write the NCLEX?

    BSN, AD, and Hospital Diploma schools are all nursing schools, and all graduates may sit for the NCLEX exam. However, I don't think there are many Hospital Diploma schools left.
  2. Kitiger

    Join my journey

    Way to GO! 💃 You can DO this. 🙂
  3. I don't notice things. I've been known to not realize that the Christmas tree was taken down, and all the decorations gone! Nurses are supposed to notice and act on problems before they get too big. I have to actively look for things when I do ...
  4. Kitiger

    Any RN and/or BSN nurses here in private duty?

    Almost all of my clients have had trachs, and at least half have had CPAP, BiPAP, or actual vents. (And I've done full-time home care for years.) By the time a child needs full-time care - parents awake and present rather than sleeping nearby - ...
  5. Kitiger

    Hearing Aids

    That's me, too. I have a certain way to pull down then up on my right ear mask loop, to try and not tangle it with my hearing aid. When I put on an N95, as I pull the stretchy band over my head, I have to be careful to not catch the hearing aids. ...
  6. Kitiger

    Wrist fracture

    That depends on the type of fracture you had. I had a colles fracture, and worked as a nurse's aide with the cast on (48 years ago). Best advice would be to ask your doctor.
  7. Kitiger

    Hearing Aids

    My hearing aids have soft, silicone ear domes, and I use the stethoscope with my hearing aids in. It isn't as comfortable, but I can hear better that way than when I take the hearing aids out.
  8. I am so very distractible, but with that comes the ability to be flexible, to go with the flow, to switch to a different goal when necessary. I can be spontaneous, without fussing that my well-laid plans didn't work out.
  9. Kitiger

    Join my journey

    Tweety, if working 3 12-hour shifts is "slowing down", I wonder if I could keep up with you! I worked 6 hours today but didn't eat enough. I did have a cheese melt slice of bread and an orange before work, but I only drank one Glucerna while at ...
  10. Kitiger

    Are You Working Past Retirement Age?

    I'm 66, almost full retirement age, but I'm still working full-time. The money is nice, but the main reason I'm still working is that I enjoy it. Also, the need for more nurses is acute where I live. I think we have plenty of nurses, but they're eith...
  11. Kitiger

    Join my journey

    I got in an extra mile walking today. Since I live in the city, I can go to a big box store to walk. I wear a mask and avoid the isles that have people. There are usually fewer people in the isles along the walls, in the back and on either side of th...
  12. Kitiger

    Nurse's Gossiping!

    One of the things that I used to love about working float (40 years ago) was that I stayed outside of the gossip and politics. They were just glad to see me. 🙂
  13. Kitiger

    Senior Pet Blues!

    This is so hard! Hugs to you.
  14. Kitiger

    Join my journey

    hppygr8ful, how are you doing? I'm getting 5000 to 5500 steps in a day, a little over 2 miles/day total. And I ride an Airdyne bike 100 miles/month. That comes out to 10 miles every 3 days. I'm eating a lot more vegetables, and I cut out mo...
  15. I don't lose sleep over it but looking it over, to "fine tooth the day", is a good and helpful thing to do. Learn what you can. Then, let it go.
  16. Kitiger

    About Gout | Knowledge is Power

    My mom took Alopurinol until she couldn't. She went into Aplastic Anemia, presumably caused by the Alopurinol. That is very rare.
  17. Kitiger

    About Gout | Knowledge is Power

    My mother had gout, which started after she began taking Bumex. I want to tell you about one episode she had. She had gout in her fingers and toes, for which she took Allopurinol. It was an ongoing problem. One day, she showed me her elbow. It w...
  18. Kitiger

    How would you have handled this situation?

    True, that. The tasks listed here are not nursing tasks.
  19. ? Thank you for firing that person!
  20. Kitiger

    How would you have handled this situation?

    PT, OT, and Speech Therapy all fall within a private duty nurse's regular therapy. We do the day-to-day therapies under the direction of the specialists. We work on ADLs, we do range of motion. When they need help with speech/swallowing/eating, ...
  21. Kitiger

    Continuing Education Classes

    I use One year unlimited access for $39.
  22. Kitiger

    How would you have handled this situation?

    I said, "It's a temporary placement. What's your problem?" I was referring to you, "your problem", the fact that you don't want to work in that home because you think the mom doesn't like you. The mom said, "I will be looking through other agenc...
  23. Kitiger

    How would you have handled this situation?

    Yes, I would have returned to the home. Why not? This is a fill-in job while your regular kiddo is in the hospital. You're telling the mom that you don't intend to stay, and she is telling you that she needs a nurse who wants regular, ongoing hours. ...
  24. Kitiger

    How would you have handled this situation?

    It's a temporary placement. What's your problem?
  25. True, that. There are some exceptions.