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  1. Ariemay82

    Vaccination Mandating

    I'm in NY. Wonder how other NURSES are feeling about mandatory COVID vaccination?
  2. I read about the Supreme Court decision and it mentions healthcare workers in facilities but not in other settings,particularly home care settings. Of course,most skilled nurse agencies receive Medicare and Medicaid funds.
  3. jive turkey

    Mandating vaccine for children

    Here's what Pfizer had to say about the use of the vaccine for children under 12: It's not impossible mandates may son foll...
  4. jive turkey

    Leaving Your Job Due to Mandate

    For those of you who have recognized your employer can terminate you for not taking the COVID vaccine and have decided on or are considering employment elsewhere please share your experiences here. How do you feel about having to make that choice? ...
  5. Forced from RN to MA question

    I am curious if anyone has been forced as an RN to be the only MA with no training or schooling for it. I have been in psych for years and now I am in a dermatology office with a few month of experience in it. The manager refuses to train me but is m...