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OrangeSlushie has 15 years experience as a RN and specializes in Geriatric.

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  1. Does the federal Covid mandates apply to homecare nurses?
  2. Covid Abuse!

    The nurse, if the Canadian story is true, either gave the wrong medication or violated the patient's right to refuse. If I gave the wrong medication or violated a patient's rights, I'd feel like I deserved a punch, but that's just me holding myself t...
  3. Nurses Promoting COVID Misinformation

    That is the definition of free speech. Just because I may not agree with something that somebody says, it does not give me the right to prevent them from speaking. As my dear wise father used to say "I may not agree with what you're saying, but I'll ...
  4. Covid Abuse!

    I looked up the original story on a Canadian newsite since the incident was supposed to have happened there. According to that article: "They say he accused the nurse of vaccinating his wife against her consent and repeatedly punched the nurse before...
  5. Do you agree with Gov. Cuomo?

    The NH I worked at got hit by covid fairly early on in the pandemic madness, when the news was still saying people were falling over dead in the street with it (remember that?). Administration was sure it was a staff member that brought it in. Howeve...
  6. Full Code patients in Long term care

    This is when I try to be proactive with my families. A lot of families feel like they need to keep Mom (or whoever) a full code because they do not understand health care and think if they say DNR that it makes them monsters who don't care if Mom die...
  7. It is common practice to give all evening meds at the same time it seems. What I'm always left wondering, is why not change the med times? Clear it with the MD and then make the time you like to give them the official time! I'm a day-shifter who ...
  8. Ever have a patient complain about you?

    The only complaint I know of was from a family member. I was in the middle of a long treatment on another patient. This lady wanted me to come listen to her husband's cough, despite the fact that I hadn't heard a cough for the first 7 hours of my sh...
  9. Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    Stop using 'teamwork' as code for 'please do all the annoying parts of my job while I do the easy stuff.' Don't let me hear in report that somebody's abdomen is distended when in reality they look like they're about to give birth. Maybe somebody sho...