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  1. Are you a Nurse just for the money or do you do it from your heart?

    To be honest,I only hear " That nurse is only doing it for the money" and "You need to be called to this field" from nurses that are jealous or angry at nurses with higher level degrees.
  2. What is something you never thought you'd have to say to a coworker?

    About taking vitals...At my rehab facility, orders are to take vitals BID. Day and evening shift take them. Some night shift nurses do not do them. Reasons given to me where that they only have orders for BID. I do see some night nurses...
  3. Nursing Home NA nightmare

    I feel your pain. My unit,we have one CNA and one RN(Me) for 11 patients. They also have to get 3 patients dressed in the AM. I work 11-730. She needs help weighing patients. My thing is,I cannot pass out meds at 0530 AND change residents. I remembe...
  4. I read about the Supreme Court decision and it mentions healthcare workers in facilities but not in other settings,particularly home care settings. Of course,most skilled nurse agencies receive Medicare and Medicaid funds.
  5. Staffing issues

    Covid is the problem in private duty. None of the family members wear masks,we are around aerosol nebulizer treatments,etc. You are less protected against Covid in PDN than the hospital. How often are PDN patients and families getting tes...
  6. Family refuses to meet in person

    Not to be contrary,but why would you do a meet and greet without the baby there? I have never done that before. What would be the point? I need to see the patient. Everything else could line up(nice home,nice parents,) but if I am unfamili...
  7. Has anyone done PDN and Visiting field nursing?

    PDN. Paperwork is a breeze. No more OASIS! With an easy job comes low pay. You have been forewarned!
  8. War on Nurses

    I applied to every acute hospital in my area. I have a BSN. I been a nurse 15+ years. I just got the BSN in September. I could never get a call back from recruiters in the hospitals. One recruiter wanted me to call her. When I did,she did not answe...
  9. Interruptions during my med pass

    One reason I hate rehab. There is one CNA for 12 residents on night shift. I have to pass meds starting around 5:30am,but dammit so many patients have to to use the bathroon when I have to wake them up to take meds. We are expected to answe...
  10. I Don't Care About Statistics

    How come when folks present the fatality rate,they never talk about the millions left with long covid or disabilities?
  11. Lack of acute care experience

    AT least you had the chance to try acute care! I have been a nurse for 18 years. I always applied to hospitals from day 1 and never got hired. I tried as an Lpn,as an ADN RN,and even now as a BSN. Mind you,I was trying to get hired for a med s...
  12. Which nurse is easier to train in med surg?

    Is it easier to train a new grad RN or an experienced 18 year RN that never worked in acute care to med surg? Especially if the experienced RN worked her entire career working private duty through an agency and only has skills common to PDN such...
  13. First Position - How to not look dumb?

    OP,I am going through this and I've been a nurse for 18 years. Just ask. Of course you will get the occasional prick but still ask,ask,ask.
  14. Short Staffed: An Epidemic

    Come on,are we really going to not notice that hospitals would not have this problem if they hired ADN's and LPN'S? That is the real and only solution.
  15. Which nurse is easier to train in med surg?

    I had to learn about some new medications and wound treatments like Xarelto and Profore, so yes med surg was a big learning curve for me at first. I also had to learn Pyxis as well.
  16. Live in PDN?

    Has anyone done live in through an agency? I ask because on Indeed there are positions available in NY. In the ad they mention working with celebs and other rich people.
  17. Which nurse is easier to train in med surg?

    I was the second nurse in the scenario before I got my current position in med surg six months ago. I love med surg btw. My pay is the same as when I worked in PDN,but the benefits are A1! Finally, I do not have to beg for health insurance and sick d...
  18. Which nurse is easier to train in med surg?

    I am just saying, if you have two prospective applicants,one a new grad and another an experienced nurse as described above, who would have an easier time adjusting to med surg? I hear from some of the nurses on my floor that experienced nurses ...
  19. The quietest workplace

    Long Term Care at night only.
  20. Confessions Of A Nurse With Poor Interpersonal Skills

    I read this post and it seems many nurses are not in the wrong profession, they are in the WRONG setting or the WRONG shift! Some of you would do great in home care nursing or night shift. What the OP described sounds a lot like me, but I l...
  21. Social Skills Should Be a Bigger Focus in Nursing School

    I often hear many nurses say introverts do not belong in nursing. I am an introvert myself, so I wonder if that was directed at me.
  22. How to leave toxic work environment when you're the only RN?

    I get so confused by this. In my state, an LPN can supervise an RN administratively but not clinically.
  23. Live in PDN?

    I just wondered what it would be like to work with the "beautiful people". Just fantasizing. Haha
  24. Why are so many nurses against unions?

    I am working in my first union job as a 17 year experienced nurse. The benefits seem fantastic compared to what I had before,but it also seems like it is more work to get days off. My previous job gave no raises at all. I had the same hourly wa...