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  1. Nurse Companionship Call Service

    Hi thank you all for your responses. I appreciate them! Yes, it's just a companionship phone call for low-medium stresses but with nurses instead of certified home assistants since sometimes patients do talk about their meds or conditions which nurse...
  2. Nurse Companionship Call Service

    The aftermath of the pandemic has taken a toll on everyone's mental health, especially the elderly who had been left alone and isolated from their families and society. I wanted to see if there's a gap that can be filled through a companionship call ...
  3. What is most stressful about aesthetic nursing?

    Hi there, I'm also planning to take aesthetic nursing.. hope this turns out great for all of us :)
  4. Cosmetic Injector Business

    Hello everyone, I just received my PN registration here in Toronto and didn't work for a year because I had a baby at the same time. Now he's one and I plan to go back to work, however, I want to get into the aesthetic business as a cosmetic injector...