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ghillbert has 26 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in CTICU.

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  1. ghillbert

    Swan Ganz Catheters

    Only in a cath lab
  2. ghillbert

    RNs Replacing Registered Respiratory Therapists?

    94002 or 94003 🙂
  3. ghillbert

    IV gtts and arterial line

    Drips run through veins. Art lines are in arteries. There is no contamination and you certainly shouldn't stop them to draw arterial blood samples.
  4. We use swans all the time in my SICU. Not so much for routine open hearts, unless they are known low EFs. More for cardiogenic shock, cardiac support devices, CTEPH, liver transplants.
  5. ghillbert

    Impella Heart Pump | Knowledge is Power

    Important to note that only the Impella 5.5 LVAD which is a surgically implanted device can provide up to 5.5L of flow, and is therefore often required for cardiogenic shock or end stage heart failure to provide adequate output. The Impella CP is gen...
  6. ghillbert

    RNs Replacing Registered Respiratory Therapists?

    Wouldn't bother me, because I trained in a country that doesn't have RTs and the ICU nurses manage everything to do with the ventilator. Now, as an ICU NP I also make ventilator changes as necessary, but I have privileges to do so. I would be concern...
  7. ghillbert

    FNP or WHNP

    It really depends on your area and what they use - call some OB offices and ask what they are looking for, or check out job ads in your area. Don't assume FNP is good for OR either, depending on the area - some places prefer ACNP/AGACNP for inpatient...
  8. ghillbert

    Australian nurse wanting to work in America

    You need the visa screen certificate, although I must say in all the time I had it, not one single person ever asked for it. But in theory yes, you need it.
  9. ghillbert

    Any Cardiothoracic Surgery NPs here?

    Feel free to ask questions, I have worked in CT surgery or CTICU for >20 years
  10. ghillbert

    Any APRNs that also enjoyed bedside nursing?

    I loved ICU nursing. I am an ICU NP. If you want to work as an ICU NP and you are ACNP trained with ICU nursing experience, why not apply directly for ICU NP jobs? There are lots.
  11. ghillbert

    Calls and Weekends

    Depends on the job. I'm in critical care which usually includes weekends and nights, but we have inhouse docs currently so I work Mon-Fri 3 x 12s
  12. ghillbert

    Spring Arbor vs Walden

    OK. If having standards and requirements is being an arrogant snob, I'm okay with that. I have not had any interaction with the school or its students, so no opinion.
  13. ghillbert

    ACUTE CARE NP and private practice

    Incorrect. Acute care specifically refers to the patient population, not the location. You can work anywhere, if you're seeing acutely ill patients.
  14. ghillbert

    Schools That Provide Preceptors

    U Pitt provided clinical rotations, or you can choose your own if you have contacts.
  15. ghillbert

    Spring Arbor vs Walden

    Both terrible. I do not precept nor hire Walden U students because I found them lacking in preparation and knowledge. I personally know one who was instructed to watch a Youtube video as their lecture for one topic, in an acute care NP Program. There...