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  1. Looking for a good report/rounding sheet

    Hey yall I am looking for a good report sheet and or a good tool that yall use when preparing/giving info during rounds on your patient. Please feel free to attach any recommendations, pdfs, etc to the comments. Thanks in advance :)

    Does anyone have a common meds ICU drip cheat sheet? I am trying to make one for myself but my hospital doesn't have an updated one!
  3. Biased Clinical Instructor

    I thank you all for the feedback, I will keep this in mind for my clinical on Friday. I feel like it is hard for me to do things such as read my patient's chart and do things via their EHR because we do not have long in abilities like I have at previ...
  4. Biased Clinical Instructor

    I probably should’ve clarified that I said this as a joke to one of my friends/peers in the conference room and it wasn’t referring to nursing at all. I have accommodations as a student so she was aware of those explicitly. But she told me I neede...
  5. Biased Clinical Instructor

    Hi yall, I could use some advice. I am currently taking my final course before I graduate and am going into my second to last clinical rotation. Background: I am a student with ADHD that receives accommodations from my school's ADA officer...
  6. Becoming a Critical Care Nurse

    Thank you so much! Especially for clarifying for me. I was under the impression I wouldn’t be able to be a ICU nurse til I take the CCRNA exam. I’ll definitely keep an open mind. I really appreciate you! Thank you so much again :)
  7. Becoming a Critical Care Nurse

    I’ve wanted to be a Critical Care Nurse for as long as I have wanted to be a nurse. I’m a senior in nursing school now, and currently in my critical care specialty. I am BEYOND devastated with my school’s clinical placement. I ended up being placed ...
  8. ATI pharmacology proctored CMS

    SOS yall! anyone have good advice on how to get a level 2 on the pharm CMS?! I have been studying under the learning systems tab. I have read the book. I study by drug class. but the predictor quiz was NOTHING like anything I had taken! any advice? a...

    hey y'all! im from atl campus and I am the last cohort to take med surg 1 and pharm together. the majority of us passed with flying colors. now we are all struggling to survive. no joke. we are so unprepared for this CMS pharm test on ATI, we are scr...