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  1. Returning to ICU Advice

    I’ve been away from ICU for about 8 months. I got burned out and work let me take some time and work admin. They’re now gonna start easing me back into ICU. I’ve noticed some anxiety being back on the floor that I didn’t have before and it’s botherin...
  2. Diploma and Associate Degree in Nursing

    No, getting my BSN did jack to make me a better RN. Just checking boxes with it. One of my coworkers has his MSN. That’s not what makes him smarter than me though. It’s his bachelors in math that does that.
  3. Diploma and Associate Degree in Nursing

    I started as a diploma back in 2013, got my BSN about 2 years later. I think it’s big education forcing this to make more money. It’s just raising the bar to do the same job. A MSN might get a few extra bucks, but on the floor we all do the same job ...
  4. How to Pass the NLN PAX and Curb Testing Anxiety

    What the heck? There’s now a test just to get into nursing school? No idea if it’s out there, but Kaplan all the way
  5. Lessons learned from Covid

    For those of us feeling the effects of Covid on the health care system, what is the best thing you have learned from this challenge? Since a lot of us have had to step up and fill new roles & responsibilities, are there any skills to share? ...
  6. CMC Exam

    I took it in 2017. It was one of the more challenging exams that I've done. I used the Exam Secrets book. It was the only book dedicated to the test at the time. I wasn't too big a fan of it as it was cumbersome to follow in some sections. Good luck
  7. Places to Live When at USUHS?

    To the SRNAs/CRNAs that went to USUHS, where is a good place to live during the didactic year at Bethesda MD? I hear that base housing has a long waiting list and an even longer commute, and that rent and housing is expensive as heck. I've got a wife...
  8. Is Anyone NOT Going to be an APRN?

    I’ve been a nurse for nearly 7 years now, and spent the whole time in ICU. I loved the rush of a fresh CABG and an unstable patient. However, I’m getting older and more run down. Plus, I want my wife to be able to settle down and not have to work. It...
  9. The program was very doable, finished August of ‘15. The only course I had an issue with was Public Health. That one was a nuisance. Other than that, the program gets my seal of approval. Relatively cheap ($10ish when I did it), no clinical, own pace...
  10. RN Considering Air Force or Army

    Sounds like you have your stuff together, you should be fine. Do get your CCRN though. I applied to both Army and AF since they were only each taking about 12 ICU nurses that year. I got accepted by other and went AF. Benefit to AF: shorter deploymen...
  11. AF interview, Chief Nurse

    For the Chief Nurse, be able to think critically, creatively if needed. You may be presented a scenario and asked how to respond.
  12. AFIT/USUHS 2020

    Hello to all interested USUHS 2020 applicants. I noticed that the call for candidates came out a little while ago. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or news to share as the deadlines approach and the selection board starts?
  13. St Joseph Tacoma Interview & Where

    I left because I joined the Air Force to pursue CRNA. I do miss St Joe and living in WA. They were planning on starting an LVAD program when I left, so I was disappointed I missed out on that. Either way, it’s a good hospital, it was a culture shock ...
  14. St Joseph Tacoma Interview & Where

    I didn’t do a residency, aside from a brief orientation, as I came in experienced. The staff were always nice, leadership approachable. I do think they were chronically short staffed, at least as far as ICU goes. They are a union hospital, and during...
  15. St Joseph Tacoma Interview & Where

    I worked there for 1.5 years in the CVICU. It was an interesting experience, often short staffing with a lot of floating to their PCU. Work on your cardio, as the stairs are faster than the elevators, which were often out of order