PRN with little specialty experience…

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Hello all, I apologize if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find a thread. I’m currently what one would consider a newer nurse with about 9 months under my belt in the Cardiovascular Unit (CVU). My long term goal has always been to eventually get into the ICU. Problem is haven’t had the opportunity to float there at my hospital quite yet due to staffing with travelers at this moment, so I’m unsure if I’d actually enjoy the unit (I have a strong feeling I would). 

I noticed a CVICU at another hospital was offering a PRN position, would it be prudent to apply since I’ve got the fundamentals of a step down already? Somewhat to dip my toes in. Or would you other critical care nurses discourage that?


Any feedback would be great! Thank you


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I would not recommend working per-diem in an unknown specialty area. As per-diem staff you will receive at most 3-4 shifts of unit based orientation and be expected to function on your own.