Is one week too soon to quit a new job?

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Hi I need some advice. So I’ve been working on an ICU floor for a year in a big city hospital. I’ve learned so much and there was a ton I didn’t like about the hospital but I always felt supported by the hospital and most of the staff. I’ve taken care of some really sick kids and learned to manage high acuity. My commute was so long so I found a job closer to home. I’ve been there for 2 days on the unit and I cried both days. The acuity is very low, but the culture is horrible. No one helps anyone out. My preceptor is condescending, passive aggressive, and does not remember what it’s like to be new somewhere. I never got an orientation to the unit, I don’t know their EMR, I had no basic tour of where anything is, I don’t know the codes to anything, they have different types of equipment I’m not used to and different policies than my old hospital. This is all expected - however no one is taking the time to teach me. My preceptor talks down to me and makes a snide comment when I can’t remember one of the 10 codes to rooms or the phone numbers to contact residents or pharmacy. It’s a major culture shock. I cried in the bathroom for 30 minutes and ended up leaving an hour and a half after my shift after she sat there and watched me chart. She also continued to say “I did this for you...” “I charted this for you....” I also had the charge nurse act as my “resource” for a bit and instead of helping me she sat and watched me struggle without once offering help. I asked for help but she was slow to make any moves. I’m so stressed and sad. I switched jobs for better quality of life and mental health with a shorter commute but I am miserable and being given inappropriate assignments on my second day. One of the nursing educators even mentioned that it wasn’t appropriate for me to have this. Sometimes when you’re new you just need a minute to orient to what’s around you. Learn new equipment, policies, EMR, ways to communicate to providers in this hospital, etc. but I haven’t had that.

Is it too late to leave after 2 days? I’m on good terms with the hospital I left and I’m still technically employed there till the end of the month. Is it bad to ask to come back? I don’t know what to do. Thank you for any advice.  

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If you're still employed there contact HR and see if you can rescind your resignation and be put back on the schedule. Just be aware you'll be burning your bridge with the current facility and will most likely be marked ineligible for rehire which might not be a big deal if you've fully thought through the consequences


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I am usually a huge fan of dropping a job when I feel it becomes unnecessarily stressful. In this case, it seems that you are describing frustration due to the learning curve of the job, maybe not stress due to the actual job duties/culture.

Are there other nurses that might help besides your preceptor and charge nurse? Try to seek someone else out if possible. And while you are working with this current charge and preceptor, write everything they show you in a little notebook. Write down the codes and the EMR shortcuts that you learn while watching. Some people get annoyed when you ask them the same question more than once, so it helps to write everything down to reduce repeat questions. Talk to the supe about the inappropriate assignment and ask that the situation be corrected in the future. Read the policies relevant to your job and get them memorized.

Even if you feel the nurses are snide, try to go in with a positive attitude. I have had jobs where it was tough in the beginning because people are clique-y or mean, but it was bearable enough to go in and do my best. Sometimes you even become friends, or at least reach a truce. Other jobs were an ish show and I did not regret leaving them. After only two days, I would stay stay a bit more and see if you warm up to this new job.

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You need to stand up for yourself. This wouldn't be acceptable in any profession. 


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On 2/11/2021 at 11:54 PM, fnptobe123 said:

Get the heck out of there.. it seems like a horrible place to work. As for your "old" hospital, personally I wouldn't say anything. I'd go work for an agency for a few months to a year and then decide what I want to do, even if it means reapply to your old place of employment.


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Part of your problem is just the learning curve that goes with starting a new job.  The other part is that your new coworkers seem short on interpersonal skills.  How bad do you want to resume the long commute?

I second the advice you got to maintain a positive attitude, write everything down and ask for help assertively, if you aren't already.  Don't ever take anyone else's poor behaviour personally, even if they meant it that way.  It's still just them behaving badly.

Thicken your skin because it will serve you well in perpetuity.  The crappier the job, the more opportunity there is to shine.  If you get to the point where you absolutely have to run away screaming, don't look back.


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I wanted to come back to this thread and thank everyone for their responses. It was a year ago but I stuck it out another week then quit. I almost wish I’d used more descriptive language when I told the manager I wasn’t coming back. It’s a hospital system I would never ever return to nor would I want any family member or friend to be treated at. The hospital and the system is an embarrassment to healthcare. And the management they hire is disgraceful. The manager’s response was distasteful and embarrassing, she told me to return my badge and asked no further questions. 

I went back to my old job for another year and it was a great decision. I was welcomed with open arms. Nursing is so truly toxic where we somehow think it’s OK to treat others like dirt, belittle them, and make them feel small if they’re new or don’t know something.

I hope anyone who comes across this thread and is going through anything similar remember that there’s no job worth making you feel so little. Find something else.