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  1. Is one week too soon to quit a new job?

    I wanted to come back to this thread and thank everyone for their responses. It was a year ago but I stuck it out another week then quit. I almost wish I’d used more descriptive language when I told the manager I wasn’t coming back. It’s a hospital s...
  2. Is one week too soon to quit a new job?

    Hi I need some advice. So I’ve been working on an ICU floor for a year in a big city hospital. I’ve learned so much and there was a ton I didn’t like about the hospital but I always felt supported by the hospital and most of the staff. I’ve taken car...
  3. New Grad PCICU Nurse Starting a DNP Program

    Hey! I know this is a very late response, but I started a PICU job as a new grad the same time I was in my second semester of a DNP FNP program. I'm now 8 months into my role in the PICU and have one year left of the DNP program. It's been very chall...
  4. Columbia SON MDE 2019

    Hey! The NCLEX pass rate for 2017 was 92%. For 2018 it was 88.5% (this is on their site). I know it should be higher; I just want to point out a few things. First, Columbia has roughly 200 students who take the NCLEX, meaning roughly 178 passed and 2...
  5. February 2019 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Crawling out of night shift like...
  6. Columbia SON MDE 2019

    I believe the 27K was the number from the previous cohort. But to answer your question, no. It was 24K+8K = 32K as the most I've heard. Others I've spoken to received the 24K if they only filed FAFSA. Again though, ask fin aid! They would be more hel...
  7. Columbia SON MDE 2019

    Hey all! Regarding some fin aid questions, in my cohort, most students who filed FAFSA received a 24K need based scholarship. We also received merit scholarship added to the need based depending on whether or not we filled out an application composed...
  8. Best quality FNP programs?

    Hi! I've been heavily researching the highest quality FNP programs, but to no avail. I've looked at curriculums for many schools, which are all understandability similar in the course name but it's been difficult finding syllabi or information on exa...
  9. Columbia SON MDE 2019

    Hey! I'm guessing you're asking about clinical hours - I believe we get about 1000 clinical hours if you add up both clinical days and simulation lab hours. In my cohort the study abroad is not until April when our integration begins, but Columbia ha...
  10. Columbia SON MDE 2019

    Hi! I know you asked a couple questions that another MDE responded too as well. I'll try to aggregate all the responses here. Prices for supplies depended on where you bought them. You need scrub tops (must be purchased through school), scrub bottoms...
  11. Columbia SON MDE 2019

    Hey all! Current MDE, feel free to PM me to ask questions. I know I had a lot when I first got accepted and when I started. Would be happy to help you in any way I can!
  12. Stay in the MSN+DNP or drop out after the MSN?

    I think you'll be more than okay, successful, and happy no matter what you choose to do! The TA opportunities really depend on how many classes you want to TA for. I believe depending on the credits you get a certain amount of reimbursements. And I'm...
  13. Stay in the MSN+DNP or drop out after the MSN?

    Hi, I know what program you're talking about and I wanted to provide you with some comfort that there are many options to have tuition decreased during the DNP portion. For one, there is the seamless scholarship offered after the MSN. Second, many cu...
  14. 2018 UPenn BSN/MSN

    The waitlist letter said if there's any movement in our application we would be notified after March 17th, but no later than April 15th (which is this Sunday). I also found it weird that it was a Sunday! The communication has truly been horrendous
  15. 2018 UPenn BSN/MSN

    I emailed and called multiple times with no response their admissions office is really quite awful. But hoping we at least get some info after the 17th!