How Early Are You Mobilizing CV/Pulm ICU Patients?

by JadeiteRTPT (New) New

Specializes in Critical Care Rehabilitation.

Hey, all. I'm new here (critical care DPT & RT), but just wanted to ask how early are you mobilizing patients? We're pretty aggressive with our early mobilization, basically as much as tolerated as early as tolerated. That's translating into standing or supine cycling within 10hrs post-op for a fair many of our open hearts with first ambulation within 24hrs, 2-4 but occasionally 5-6 ambulations in the second 24hrs. Lots of resistance band training, grip strength, seated or in-bed cycling. Our heart/lung transplants & ECMOs are incredibly variable - sometimes as early as 6 hours post-cannulation for first ambulation on ECMO, sometimes way longer. Sometimes on the 2nd day for heart or lung transplants, sometimes by the end of the first post-operative week. Our ICU patients are recieving at least 4 hours of rehab in some form (PT/OT/ST/RT) daily starting as early as possible.