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  1. ORU DNP?

    Looking into Online DNP at Oral Roberts University. However, I live in WA state and State Boards may not accept educational requirements (See below) Is there a way to get the license at an accepting state and then get licensed in WA state?
  2. Transition to ICU during Covid?

    Hi all! Is it crazy to transition to ICU right now? Should I wait until “after” the pandemic? 19 years of acute care experience and ready for something new. Thanks!
  3. Redding RN pay

    Hi everyone! I have 13 yrs MS experience in a large Seattle hospital and now make $46.31/hr gross. Can someone give me an idea of how much I would make in one of the 2 big hospitals (Mercy Medical or Shasta Regional) in Redding? My fami...
  4. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    Thanks, kelseykelsey4! I will call the board tomorrow b/c my application apparently has "Missing Education History" - so perhaps one of the transcripts didn't make it somehow. I will also call the 2 hospitals I plan on applying to. Thank you!
  5. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    Hi everyone! I am a licensed RN in WA state and have found this thread helpful. I mailed in my application packet April 14th. I was able to do Livescan fingerprinting since we were in CA a week prior. The check for my application fee was cashed Ma...