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  1. Ever since the pandemic has started I have felt there has been more pressure and more tasks than ever delegated to the bedside nurses. As many left the hospital to work from home I have felt the weight and burden of additional roles. I spend more tim...
  2. Bagging ETT

    Besides turning up fi02 there are other interventions you can initiate. Suctioning and providing oral care, adjusting sedation, assessing if your patient requires a bite block, re-positioning, and percussion and vibration are all good places to start...
  3. Certifications for new grads going into the ICU?

    Those are all a great start! Most likely when you do take on a job you will be provided opportunities to become trained to do specific tasks. ex... ultrasound guided IVs, CRRT, hypothermic patient management... The certifications that you already hav...
  4. I just accepted my first assignment in the ICU outside San Francisco! I have been is my current position as an ICU RN for 1.5 years and have been a OR RN for the past 4 years. Do any of the seasoned travelers out there have some advice to be successf...
  5. OR nurses pls comment

    I came in as a new grad with no medical background. I love the amount of anatomy I have learned as well as a really strong base in the actual procedures I have. I don't like the M-F 8 or 10 hour days. I wish OR nursing could be 12 hour shifts like ot...
  6. Need Help. Is this a reasonable travel pay package?

    The first problem you have here is that you are taking the housing. You should take the tax free stipend which should get you an extra $1000 a week and find your own accommodations. The pay per hour is usually 15-20$ an hour and it is what you will b...
  7. The OR is loosing its sparkle

    I used to want to take my CNOR and maybe one day get my RNFA but I am feeling disinterested and un-motivated more and more lately. The high turnover, un-motivated staff, and the management team who seems not to care all reinforce these feelings for m...
  8. New Grad OR Nurse Feeling Alone and Unsupported

    I too was a new grad in the OR, I have now been doing it for 1.5 years. No doubt the OR has a steep learning curve, don't be too hard on yourself right out of the gate. Give it some time and absorb just being in this new environment. It sometimes tak...