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  1. President Biden thread

    Numerous off topic posts have been edited or removed from view. Please stick to the topic of the thread. Continued off topic conversations will result in thread closure.
  2. Allnurses Debates!

    Topic moved to the Breakroom Club Coffee Lounge.
  3. Quitting My Job: Returning My ID Badge- Should I be Petty?

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  4. Another dilute urine for IPN

    Hello @Quickstepper, There is a way to have a more private area to discuss monitoring programs. You can start a CLUB in the allnurses Breakroom Club. Go here and click, START A BREAKROOM CLUB. Then, when that page opens, scroll t...
  5. Diversion Attorney

    @Attorneypayment and @LittleRN Please contact the TAANA website above. We wish you well.
  6. Writing “poop” is unprofessional?

    Admin note: While levity is fine, the Terms of Service do still apply. Please be aware that profanity and creative ways to add profanity are not permitted and posts will be edited.
  7. Vaccination Mandating

    Please stick to the topic of vaccine mandates and refrain from making posts personal. If you find a post objectionable, you may report the post utilizing the triangle in the bottom left corner or you may place the other member on ignore via your acco...
  8. Which Religions Exempt Covid Vaccinations?

    Numerous off topic posts have been removed. Please stick to the topic of religious exemptions for vaccines. Other topics may be discussed in the appropriate forum, such as the Breakroom Politics Club.
  9. Vaccination Mandating

    Thread reported and posts removed for TOS violation(s) regarding profanity as well as posts including cartoons that violated copyright issues.
  10. Four Days of Nausea, Vomiting and Fever | Case Study

    The following are the guesses/diagnoses/rationales from members who came to the Help Desk during the Four Days of Nausea, Vomiting and Fever Case StudyCase Study. Thank you, @SafetyNurse1968, for this interesting Case Study. BlueShoe...
  11. Personal Deathbed Vision Stories?

    This thread has been reported by members. Several posts derailing the topic have now been removed. This thread is about Personal Deathbed Vision Stories. You may start a discussion about religion(s)/no religion, etc. in the Breakroom...
  12. Bill Maher on obesity

    Non-nursing related; thread moved to Lounge.
  13. Religious Exemptions

    Numerous off-topic/derailing posts removed. This discussion is about "religious exemptions". If you wish to discuss "religion", please start a new topic in the Breakroom Lounge.
  14. Pushed by quacks, use of Ivermectin is poisoning people

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  15. Mandating vaccine for children

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