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nursej22 has 37 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Public Health, TB.

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  1. nursej22

    Saturday March 12 2022

    We had mild weather, around 50, today, but rain this evening. I went to the fun run, fully expecting to do the 8K, but missed the turn, and didn't realize it until the end and only did 5K. Poo! I was doing really well too, time wise, but I won't get ...
  2. nursej22

    Thursday March 10 2022

    Hi. Just got back from taking Angus to the vet for his shots. They think his murmur is worse, went from a 2 to a 3. They want to do a cardiac workup and I have mixed feelings. The price she quoted was $1200, or I could take him to a vet cardiologist ...
  3. nursej22

    Wednesday March 9 2022

    Good morning! It's sunny and cold, with a brisk north wind. I must sound like a real witch to complain about co-workers, but there are just days when I have to blow off steam. I realize OCD and ADHD is likely more uncomfortable for the person who has...
  4. nursej22

    Two-Headed Snake Bully Nurse

    I agree with keep a low profile. Stay polite and professional with co-workers. And avoid gossip. I would also keep a journal of what happened, and when, and keep a screen shot of that message.
  5. nursej22


    POLST stands for Physicians Order for Life Saving Treatment, at least in my state. If it's not signed, its not valid. But I think hospice requires a physician order, so I would look to see what the details are on that. I would definitely get cl...
  6. nursej22

    Tuesday March 8 2022

    Hullo. Weather is a little nicer today. I'm about to walk over to the post office that is about 4 blocks away to mail youngest ds his gym shoes that he left behind. He's a little irritated that he didn't drive to his training, because his hotel/motel...
  7. nursej22

    Monday March 7th 2022

    I think a photo like this in the banner would be more fitting. Amo, a GIF is an animated image file. So Davey took the banner photo, and then animated the mouth and eyes.
  8. nursej22

    Monday March 7th 2022

    Hi Folks. Working today. Weather is overcast, coolish. I think rain is forecast. Had a so-so weekend. On Saturday I helped dd clean out her garage. We found 2 dead rodents and lots of rat feces. You can bet I threw the clothes and shoes I was wearing...
  9. Come to the dark side, Davey. Nobody likes curmudgeon-y ol' me. (This is the second reference I see today for It's a Wonderful Life). That's it. Out you 2 pixies go. Through the door, or out the winda.
  10. nursej22

    Friday March 4 2022

    Okay, I cannot get this silly song out of my head now! I don't know if any one else got my reference to the Time Warp, but just in case... Any way, decent day at work. I am also checked off. The instructor was an actual instruct...
  11. nursej22

    Friday March 4 2022

    I think that's how you do the Time Warp...
  12. Don't forget Diploma!
  13. nursej22

    Thursday March 3 2022

    Hi. Thanks all for the good wishes about my health issues. I guess is just an aging thing. Joe, and can commiserate with virtual meetings that uninformative and happen during lunch. And I agree, that TurboTax is getting awfully expensive,...
  14. You mean Colorado Kool-Aid? LOL.
  15. I'm in Washington state, but on the rainy side, north of Seattle. @toomuchbaloney are you going somewhere warm? Cuz Seattle is not.