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Jedrnurse has 30 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in school nurse.

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  1. Yes! It's like listing "nursing school" as experience when it's already under education. Everybody does the same basic rotations. If something special or unusual came up during your clinicals, the interview is the time to bring that up...
  2. Jedrnurse

    Where to Draw the Line...?

    I told them a couple of months back that I was going away this Summer and wouldn't be available for the Summer camp. I had a feeling that they'd still be expecting me to do the prep work without extra pay. (Every time I've worked for camps, I've been...
  3. Jedrnurse

    Annoyed Parent

    Sounds like a tough situation as it relates to staffing- teachers probably have to do a lot of what they wouldn't normally do if there was a full-time nurse on site. I'd maybe (diplomatically) ask that classroom staff always give you a heads up when ...
  4. Jedrnurse

    Lost CEUS

    I've never been audited. Hopefully it'll be a good long time (or never) for that to happen to you. The length of time that they go back depends on the individual state BON. Tip- scan your certificates as PDFs and save them on your computer and i...
  5. Jedrnurse

    Professional Responsibility vs Family Needs

    Laws differ from state to state, but in general you're not mandated when you're outside of your professional role. Also, I wouldn't think it applied to the child who was a 'young adult'.
  6. Jedrnurse

    Two-Headed Snake Bully Nurse

    On top of everything else Two-Headed Snake Bully Nurses are on the endangered species list and thus are federally protected. (On the other hand Venomous Two-Faced NETY Nurse Jackals are a dime a dozen...)
  7. Jedrnurse

    RNs Replacing Registered Respiratory Therapists?

    I certainly wouldn't be shocked if a for-profit corporation eliminated the specialty and dumped the lion's share of the additional duties on staff nurses...
  8. Jedrnurse

    Seeking Constructive Feedback

    Maybe " Thanks. It's always nice to hear somebody else's hacks/tricks. I've been doing this for (fill-in-the-blank) years but once in a while I just hit some bad luck." I think it establishes your experience without alienating the co-worker.
  9. Jedrnurse

    Leaving Job - Advice For Giving Notice

    Yikes. I've worked for human service agencies that have group homes utilizing MAP, but in LTC/SNF it seems like it'd be potentially risky with that model.
  10. Jedrnurse

    Leaving Job - Advice For Giving Notice

    What type of facility is it that has non-nurse med passes? Ditto on the previous advice to keep your resignation as professional as possible and don't go into the sour details. Never burn a bridge...
  11. Jedrnurse

    Student burned at school

    2nd degree on the chest of a student with diabetes? Schools are community settings, not healthcare, and tend to land on the cautious side. Honestly, it probably could have been almost concurrent- ask the office to call 911 while you're providing burn...
  12. Jedrnurse

    Student burned at school

    Call the parents THEN give care?? Not too impressed with their P&P manual, particularly when it's a burn...
  13. Jedrnurse

    Student burned at school

    Accidents are not always errors, and common practices don't always make it into policy manuals. How old were the students?
  14. I've read a few times over the years that employers don't look at clinicals. IMO- If you get an interview and have had some clinical experiences that are applicable to what you're interviewing for, that would be the time to share.
  15. Jedrnurse

    Where to Draw the Line...?

    This is an IPhone function?