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nursel56 has 46 years experience and specializes in Peds/outpatient FP,derm,allergy/private duty.

LVN - 1976. Started RN school 1984. Left nursing never to return in '87. Working in private duty nursing since 2004. Now halfway to the pasture.

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  1. nursel56

    Two-Headed Snake Bully Nurse

    If the OP had described anything remotely approximating your experiences, I would not, and I feel confident many others would not advise that the victim should ignore the behavior, especially in the instance of patient's lines being messed with, and ...
  2. nursel56

    Two-Headed Snake Bully Nurse

    From my experience with people like that, the best course of action is to not react to it at all, and just be observant. These people actually thrive on drama escalation and find negative attention one of the few thrills in their otherwise empty and...
  3. nursel56

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    The prior posts give you a great picture of the possible experencies you may have in clinic nursing. For the most part, I really enjoyed my clinic jobs. The only pitfall I can think of is that the staff is usually more insular than in large inpatie...
  4. nursel56

    Diary of a Nurse Who is Not 'Exceptional'

    I agree direct patient care is very often ignored as a priority value in nursing today. Not every nurse will want to give gifts, but considering the population you work with, it is very commendable. It can't be easy to work with people of extremely...
  5. nursel56

    Treatment of Nursing Students

    I think it's safe to say that every nursing student will encounter nurses who's behavior is not to their liking for any number of reasons beyond how welcoming they are to new students. The thing is though, not every nurse is outwardly "kind and ...
  6. nursel56

    Quitting My Job: Returning My ID Badge- Should I be Petty?

    If it were me, to rid myself once and for all of these people, I'd follow their "resignation protocol" and hand the badge directly to the supervisor. For my own peace of mind. Yes, their management seems barely competent and they have terrible prof...
  7. Quite a bit of it has to do with the influence of professional nursing associations like the AACN and the ANA. They're very influential in the legislative lobbying world, and they actively lobby against any type of expansion of the LPN scope of prac...
  8. nursel56

    New nurse-too old for bedside?

    I agree with the previous posters. I've worked in outpatient, and ran my rear end off on any given day. Best wishes to you!
  9. nursel56

    January 6 Select Committee

    Which elected Democrats were claiming that Trump and Buffalo Horn Man were conspiring to plan what occured at the Capitol that day? I keep up pretty well on political stories each day, and I have never seen that. You're saying that rather...
  10. nursel56

    January 6 Select Committee

    The thing that disturbs me is how many influential Republicans initially were alarmed, and later essentially declared hey, what was the big deal, anyway? It takes a very unhealthy mental state to change your mind about something like that. That pro...
  11. I'm happy that you've found the right job for yourself in private duty. I would never generalize about any job in nursing, because there are variables and exceptions in almost every conceivable individual situation. I've worked in PDN for years and...
  12. I agree with you. I would not characterize home health nursing as drama-free. It is true that you have only one patient in private duty, but in my experience there is plenty of drama. It's just a different kind of drama compared to hospital ...
  13. (sorry for such a long post but...) I'm an old nurse, too... and here are my observations and impressions of changes in the healthcare industry from around the 1970s to the present day. I'll preface this by saying that arguments about "cen...
  14. nursel56

    Upside of Changes: Nurses Make the Best of Change

    I related to so many things in your article, jeastridge! Admittedly, my first reaction to most proposed change is to feel a giant wall of resistance forming very quickly... but once I step back and accept that I'll need to step out of my comfort zon...
  15. nursel56

    Has the staffing clerk ever made you feel guilty of calling in "sick"?

    Yes, I've been made to feel guilty by staffing people when I call off a shift, and got it in extreme fashion with certain private duty patients who are more freewheeling in their vocabulary than facility-based people. I know I technically should...