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  1. Seeking Constructive Feedback

    That's what I wanted to tell her, but I was trying to be a team player. One thing I try not to be as a clinician is the person who says "well, this is how I normally do it." Well then YOU do it!
  2. Seeking Constructive Feedback

    So, I have been an EMT and have also worked in an emergency room since 2007. Over time, I became the go to person for hard sticks in adults, babies and difficult to access patients. Even though I am very good at IV's, we all have our bad days were we...
  3. Scrub color tele floor vhc

    Can someone tell me the scrub color for tele nurses at virginia hospital center?
  4. New Job Blues

    Began a new job today. Everyone is so nice and helpful and make me feel really at ease, but I have been working in this same field for five years, but when I got to this place you would think I have never worked in medical before. I know it was my fi...
  5. Really???

    I went on vacation for nine days and you would think I have never started an IV before! Anyone ever been gone from work and came back and forgot your skills. I am the person they call for difficult sticks and I never or adults chronic to ...
  6. Rant

    They bring their own laptops. Imagine your work computer with a laptop in front. Your triaging patients as you google chat.
  7. Rant

    My issue is not that they choose to continue their education. But I know for a fact that none of them wanted to get their Masters until the "youngins" went back to school. The real issue is I have t work harder because your doing homework in the core...
  8. Rant

    Im sorry but I have to do it. We have a bunch of nurses who have decided for whatever reason to get their MSN's. I have no issue at all with continuing education, however I do have an issue with them doing their homework at work. Not just on downtime...
  9. Tired of hearing about the kids.

    Whew. I am so GLAD I am not the only one out here who feels this way. Yes, I enjoy my co-workers and consider us a family. However, because you choose to be pregnant every year, doesn't mean I have to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I am sorry, if yo...
  10. Tired of hearing about the kids.

    I don't know why this bothers me. Probably because I spend five days a week working my butt off in an pediatric emergency room and I am tired! Here is what bothers me. We started out with full time nurses who worked really hard. Then they all decided...
  11. Is anybody else tired of the nurse practitioner craze?

    I am in total agreement. One nurse on my unit decided to go for FNP and everyone in the unit decided to get on the bandwagon. So all of them, may 6, went part time or PRN. And of course they have the nerve to complain about their schedules. I am all...
  12. NVCC transfer to Mason

    I want to do the traditional nursing track at nvcc. begin working and then think about getting my bsn. i just looked up the prereqs for mason and they tack on so many more classes? anyone find this frustrating? and how much more time does that add fo...
  13. NVCC Hum/Fine Arts Elective

    I am in the process of doing my prereqs for the Traditional or Online Hybrid Nursing Program at NVCC. I met with an advisor yesterday but forgot to ask what the recommended hum/fine arts elective nursing students should take. I don't want to just pul...
  14. CFN Confusion

    I am new to this site, and I am sure this question has been answered a thousand times. However, I just would like to know, do you have to get the CFN certification before SANE-A or SANE P or can you just get the SANE certifications?