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  1. mariebailey

    Covid Vaccine Given Too High On Arm

    I just want to make 1 more comment; the reality is I could talk about vaccines until I'm blue in the face b/c, gosh darn it, I love what they have done for humankind. As a Public Health Nurse, I received a lot of good training on the topic at ha...
  2. mariebailey

    Covid Vaccine Given Too High On Arm

    I've had positive experiences at Walgreens & CVS getting vaccines for travel, flu, etc. I stepped away from public health nursing for a while, so it is news to me that an egg-free option exists. This news rocks my world.
  3. mariebailey

    Covid Vaccine Given Too High On Arm I think the CDC's 2-3 finger breadths recommendation is a more realistic rule of thumb than attempting to measure in centimeters, & i...
  4. mariebailey

    Covid Vaccine Given Too High On Arm

    The ventrogluteal is NOT a recommended site for IM VACCINE administration. Immune Globulin = yes. Vaccines = no
  5. mariebailey

    Covid Vaccine Given Too High On Arm

    For IM VACCINES, the deltoid muscle & anterolateral thigh (vastus lateralis) are the only acceptable injection sites. Administering an IM VACCINE anywhere else, including the ventrogluteal regions, may result in reduced serum antibodies (I.e., a ...
  6. mariebailey

    Covid Vaccine Given Too High On Arm

  7. mariebailey

    Ethical Dilemma with Vaccine PPE?

    WOW. I completely agree with your concerns. I don't know for sure, but the CDC seems like a good place to start: General CDC Info Contact Form: CDC Office of Financial Resources (OFR) email: OFRAnnou...
  8. mariebailey

    Civility in Nursing

    OP: I have been to hell & back going through all of this. I blogged about it; it's therapeutic. The resources at the bottom of the article offer more information on the spectrum of disruptive behavior & actually delineate words like incivilit...
  9. mariebailey

    Civility in Nursing

  10. After several years of working as a nurse outside the hospital setting, I took a job working med-surg. I have realized that hospitals take great strides to put standards & guidelines in place to hold nurses accountable for their performance, but ...
  11. mariebailey

    Help with interview outfit

    My suggestion: make yourself stand out.
  12. mariebailey

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    I loathe the responsibilities that are delegated to nurses that do not require a nursing license to be carried out: -ordering jello or whatever else a patient suddenly craves when you have a million other things to do -administrative work for another...
  13. mariebailey

    Patient to nurse ratios was a 1:6 ratio for days & nights for Med Surg where I work, & I'm located in the Southeast.
  14. mariebailey

    Nclex and cohorting patients

    If you're asking for a description of cohorting, here are my 2 cents. When private rooms are unavailable on a unit, patients who are colonized with or infected with the same organism may be grouped together in a room to avoid transmission to patients...
  15. After several months of day shift in med-surg, I'm a/b to start working nights on a psych unit. I'm in a part-time Psych NP program, & I feel this will help me build a stronger foundation in Psych. However, as with anyone, I feel that adequate, r...