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  1. Premature discharges from hospitals

    Thank you for your response. I'm pretty sure the situation was simply overlooked by both the hospital staff and staff at the LTC facility. I looked at the nursing notes from when he was admitted and it stated that he had the hard distended abdomen. I...
  2. Premature discharges from hospitals

    The person came to our facility from the hospital in question. When a psych eval is needed and they are not equipped to do so, the patient can't be sent to a hospital who can? He really needed it because what he done endangered another resident. I wa...
  3. Premature discharges from hospitals

    They didn't place a foley, we did after he was sent back. He didn't have referrals either. The initial admission was for psych reasons. I didn't want to say everything that happened, but I thought they would of at least done a psych eval. What he don...
  4. Premature discharges from hospitals

    Hello, I am writing this post for 2 reasons......first, just to vent and secondly, to obtain input from others. I am an LPN working in a LTC facility. I regularly care for approx 25 to 30 residents. I've wanted to be a nurse since the age of 5. I gen...
  5. Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    Not the same thing.....can't compare.
  6. Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    I shouldn't of stated all day. Some wear them for long periods of time. Hands sweat in gloves. I just find that gross.
  7. Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    Oh WOW!......I've worked retail in the past too. I've never encountered the things you listed. Those are good reasons to wear gloves.
  8. Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    You wore them because you had a cut. Thats a very good reason to wear them. I've worked retail in the past. I did not wear gloves. I guess I should of chosen better words. I stated somewhat.....that don't mean the sight of a cashier wearing gloves ju...
  9. Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    ? That's a logical reason. It's funny that everyone thinks it really offends me. I just find it somewhat unprofessional.
  10. Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    Thanks for an answer ? I was curious as to why they were being worn. They refuse to give an answer when asked.
  11. Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    I can understand wearing gloves for handling raw meat, leaking packages....etc. Overall I think its unnecessary. I mainly was saying the amount of time the gloves are worn is the issue.
  12. Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    Who has thin skin? I asked about everyone's opinion about the topic.....it would of been nice if more than 1 person answered. I didn't ask if I had the right to be offended about something.
  13. Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    Oh ....thanks
  14. Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    Maybe all day is the wrong choice of words. They do not change them frequently. Have you shopped at walmart when its crowded? You can be waiting in line nearly 30 mins. They are not changing gloves often. What you stated is the main reason why I thin...
  15. Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    I know its an assumption. They refuse to say why, as if its a top secret reason. I know for a fact its not to cover up tattoos. Its the best logical answer. I said somewhat offended. As a customer, I just don't think the gloves are necessary. It's no...