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Irish339 has 22 years experience and specializes in ER and Hospice.

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  1. Discharge from Hospice

    I think you are correct in thinking that you may smell a rat. In order for this person to be on hospice for 3 years, she would have had to show a continued decline. There are federal guidelines that must be followed when a patient is admitted to ho...
  2. The Weeping Turkey Diaries

    As dinner time grew close, the family members of several of the staff brought in wrapped plates from the family dinner table. My family would have never heard of doing such a thing. According to my mother, my current holiday lot was my own doing. "Yo...
  3. The Crusty County Nurse Cracks Just A Bit

    What a moving article. No matter how long we have been nurses, sometimes our patients slip through and stick to us. That's why nurses have such big hearts. Thanks for being such a compassionate nurse.
  4. In Bed with Dying Patient

    This was really a wonderful article. I'm so glad you were brave enough to 'think outside the box' and give this family what they needed.
  5. The Last Bag of Pretzels

    I just wanted to extend my codolences to all of you that have offered the stories of your losses. So many heartwarming stories. Thank you all for sharing.
  6. Indian Culture and Health Care Go Hand In Hand

    It's so interesting to be enlightened with the values and beliefs of other cultures. It is so important for us to remember that we are treating more than the 'sick part'. Thanks so much for the insight!
  7. Things That Go Boooop In The Night

    Ooooooooh! One of my recurring fantasies is to haul a Dinamapp out to the alley and take an axe to it. I'm relieved to hear I'm not the only one. As John Cleese said "bring in the machines that go BING!!!". Thanks for the smiles.
  8. The Last Bag of Pretzels

    I spent 17 years in the ER fighting death. Death was our enemy. We posted statistics on the board at night. ER 5, Death 7. We couldn't bear to lose a patient. Especially horrific is a patient that walks in, only to expire in our hands. How can this h...
  9. Stupidest reason to go to ER

    Male patient: "There is something living in my stomach" "When I lay down, I can hear myself breathe" (that's a GOOD thing, yes?) " I've had this cold now for 3 years" Why is in now, so important, at 2 am? "Enough is enough"
  10. If I Murder A Co-worker, How To Hide The Body??

    Oh, pigs. Excellent idea. I was wondering what size jars your pathology lab has available?
  11. If nursing caps looked decent, would you wear one?

    Only if it was black with a pointy cone on top, and came with a broom. Mine actually was white with a pointy cone on top. I already had a broom.
  12. Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do

    Never let a medical student cut a bloody down jacket while the industrial heat fan is blowing in the trauma room. Never try to train your pirana to eat meat from your hand. Never try to convince an ER nurse you 'fell' onto whatever object is stuck in...
  13. What I Love About Nursing Is....

    I can talk to a person with an arrow sticking out of their head...and it seems normal. I have eaten salad during ER potlucks out of emesis basins...and that seems normal. I know which hospitals around me serve red jello. We get to go to work in our p...
  14. New Nurse..GPN. Scared out of my mind.

    Interesting program you're in. And if you have fast food experience, you should be fine at nursing. Think of the pickles as pain medication. But really, even experienced nurses have anxiety attacks when we switch to a new job, or new specialty. W...
  15. Have any of you..

    Of course you can do it! I had two babies while I went through a 4 year BSN program. Obviously I didn't pay much attention during the human reproduction sections. ) On the up side, I went to a Catholic College, so I was very popular with the nuns...