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By-a-thred, RN has 31 years experience as a ADN and specializes in M/S, LTC, home care, corrections and psych.

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  1. I Want Decent Health Benefits! Is That Too Much to Ask?

    You're a nurse, why would you be expected to be treated like a valued employee? Once again, if you are in a female dominated profession, be prepared to be treated like a POS.
  2. Never Say Never

    I had an instructor tell me that because of congenital hip dysplasia I would never make it as a nurse. That was almost 31 years (and bilateral hip repacements) ago. Nursing instructors are the worst offenders of stereotyping and judging people ever!
  3. Relatives Invited Themselves For Thanksgiving...

    Go to your local hospital or nursing agency and see if you can get hired ASAP. I'm certain that if you make yourself available you will find yourself with at least one shift.
  4. Safety plans. Who and when?

    I work nights in a rural emergency crisis unit. The company I work for has another crisis unit about 90 miles away in a metropolitan area and has LOTS more resources than we do. Our "triage staff" on nights and weekends is ALWAYS an on-call situation...
  5. If you didn't have to bite your tongue?

    I don't think you understood the question. Nobody asked how you performed superhuman, perfect control in the face of utter frustration and stupidity. Try it again after reading the question correctly.
  6. I called in sick today, they didn't accept it.

    About 20 years ago at a SNF I worked at implemented a policy that if you were to call in you needed to go in to the facility and be assessed by the charge nurse. OK, I'll follow your rules. I went in, promptly puked on her shoes and went home. That p...
  7. Unsatisfied Patient

    Hey, call the doc. Being your patients advocate is priority one. I'm sure that the next time they have an admit to that facility or floor they will put in PRN orders for pain meds rather than risk being awakened for Tylenol at 0200. Don't piss off a ...
  8. Oklahoma Board wants explanation of arrest

    I'm late to the party, but I forgot about a charge from almost 25 years prior when I applied for my OK license. I had been a correctional nurse for years and had passed several background checks without a hitch UNTIL APPLYING FOR THAT LICENSE! Never ...
  9. Have you ever left a nursing job due to a patient/family member?

    MANY years ago, as and LPN, I quit because the facility I worked at insisted that staff take a patient (HIV+ quadriplegic) outside to smoke. Bed and all. At all hours of the day and night. This patient was verbally abusive and attempted to spit on st...
  10. Employer refusing to provide even verification

    Remind me again how "nurses eat their young" isn't a thing? Nurses have proven themselves, time and again, to be the most petty and vindictive bunch of "professionals" in the medical field.
  11. Longest Shift You've Worked

    Most states don't allow nurses to work longer than 16 hours (unless it's an emergency). Was your "23 hour shift" an emergency or bad planning?
  12. 6 Tips for Success for New Nurse Graduates

    It's never to late for truck driving school.
  13. Scope of Practice and medications?

    In the correctional facilities that I have worked in there was stock medications available to cover new medication orders until the patient specific supply was delivered from the out of town pharmacy. This question is a good one to ask your BON, BOPh...
  14. How to leave toxic work environment when you're the only RN?

    Your only job security is in your ability to take care of your LICENSE. This place is toxic in so many ways. Please feel free to report THEM to the BON and any other state agencies that oversee LTC. Your patients deserve so much better than this bunc...
  15. Breakroom Pet Peeves

    You guys are funny. I've had less than a dozen "lunch breaks" in the last +25 years.