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Was there a company you used for CEUs? They usually have the records. 

If you took them at a hospital, call them. They keep records.

If you cannot find anything, look at one of the national companies that provide CEU education for maybe $45 for an RN. I actually enjoyed these courses, good, well written articles on interesting topics.


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I lost CEUs from a couple of years ago. I don't think I can make those up because they were from prior years.


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I went through an audit. How it worked for me, was the state I was in required 45 CEU every 3 years---- Well the very first year they put this into effect they audited me. I had 14 days (from my license due date that year) to prove I had the CEUs within the required recent 3 year time frame.

Trust me, they do audits! So if you can't find proof, you might want to get those CEUs ASAP. It does happen. I am living proof. I wish you the best.


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How can I get CEUS from the year 2016 when that year has passed? That's what I'm asking.  

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I've never been audited. Hopefully it'll be a good long time (or never) for that to happen to you. The length of time that they go back depends on the individual state BON.

Tip- scan your certificates as PDFs and save them on your computer and in the cloud.

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I have been audited. They go back 2 years from your license renewal date here in Texas.

Plenty of fre and cheap CEU's available online. Just buckle down on a weekend and do it.