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  1. Lost CEUS

    How can I get CEUS from the year 2016 when that year has passed? That's what I'm asking.
  2. Lost CEUS

    I lost CEUs from a couple of years ago. I don't think I can make those up because they were from prior years.
  3. Lost CEUS

    I have lost 2 years of CEUS. I cannot find them anywhere. I renew my license this year. What happens if I am audited? How many years do they go back? Thank you!
  4. Feeling Unvalued

    In out staffing policy it stated that the charge nurse could not be cancelled but the DON changed that and now we can be cancelled. Our census is low and full time are losing hours but they are extending the contract nurses. I don't understand.
  5. Feeling Unvalued

    Isn't the pay going down for contract nurses? I've heard that the pay is decreasing.
  6. Feeling Unvalued

    I'm a Charge nurse on a medsurg floor. Our staffing committee voted yesterday that the charge nurse can be cancelled if census is low. We have so many contract nurses and full time staff are losing hours. Charge nurses have never been cancelled befor...
  7. Unfairness at work

    No there isn't a limit. We just have to submit 30 days in advance.
  8. Working weekends

    I also like working weekends. I do not have a problem doing so. I just thought that if I needed time off I would be able to use my pto that I have earned. I submitted my request in the appropriate amount of time. I don't understand why an employer to...
  9. Unfairness at work

    We have to submit our pto requests 30 days in advance. Once the schedule comes out, if you need a day off, then you have to find someone to cover for you.
  10. Working weekends

    I work in a small rural hospital as a charge nurse on night shift. There is an RN on the opposite rotation of me who did not want to work weekends so I said I would work weekends because I felt it would help with my child in school. Now we are not in...
  11. Unfairness at work

    We have to submit our pto requests 30 days in advance.
  12. Working weekends

    I work weekends. I do this because it helps with my child in school. And the other nurse that works opposite of me, did not want to work weekends. I do not get paid extra to work weekends. I do receive the weekend diff that everyone else receives. I ...
  13. Unfairness at work

    I can't call in because I will be written for calling in on a day that I requested pto that was denied. I put in the request in July for September. I feel that was plenty of notice.
  14. Unfairness at work

    I put in a request for PTO in July for 3 days off. I requested the days off because it is the day that I removed my son from life support after drowning. I wanted to go home and put flowers on his grave and see my other son. I received an email from ...
  15. I am currently enrolled in an RN-BSN program at UTA. I was previously enrolled and failed some courses that I was unable to complete due to a medical reason. My goal is to apply to a MSN program for education and then NP. I have been told that a MSN ...