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  1. Chamberlain NP student

    LOL... I meant done 2023
  2. Chamberlain NP student

    Hi Neica, thank you for your encouraging comment! I'm starting my third class end of Feb and I'm excited to get through this program. Do I need to be working as a nurse in order to get an FNP position? I worked as a MS nurse from 2015-2017, and then...
  3. PCU questions

    Thank you! I’m Apply for PCU & hopefully they will hire me & train. I know…..wishful thinking LOL. I would go to MS Tele with the goal of doing PCU. Thank you.
  4. Chamberlain NP student

    Cool, I’m doing FNP track too. I really wanted AGACNP but I feel like it limits me to hospital. I figured I can always get Acute care certificate after?‍♀️
  5. Chamberlain NP student

    I start informatics Feb 28. How is it? I'm not crazy about taking informatics again. I took when I was getting BSN. Is it the same?
  6. Chamberlain NP student

    Great! How far along are you in the program? What speciality track are you in?
  7. Chamberlain NP student

    Hi, anyone here going to Chamberlain? I'm enrolled in their FNP program and thought it would be nice to connect with others in the program or NPs that went through the program. Thanks:)
  8. Great information! I'm in the Chamberlain program. I'm taking online classes and would like to start a support group. Any suggestions on how I can do this on Allnurses? FB? Is there a way to find other FNP Chamberlain students on LinkedIN? I really w...
  9. stress interview question

    Hi, I'm having trouble answering "Tell me a time when you had a stressful shift and how you got through it". Well, almost all my shifts were stressful and I got through it but left with anxiety, sadness and depression. It's been awhile since I worked...
  10. PCU questions

    I was wondering why some nurses choose to work in PCU. What made you choose this area of nursing? PCU and Tele the same? I'm researching different areas of nursing that I want to work in and my gut feeling draws me to this area of nursing. I am fasci...
  11. Back to the bedside

    thank you for the advice! I'm going to apply to several jobs, and see what happens!
  12. War on Nurses

    Why are they recruiting from high schools when there is a shortage of faculty staff already? You are right, teachers need to be paid more and the student to teacher ratio needs to be ideal. Schools are giving teachers way too many students to teach e...
  13. War on Nurses

    I started out in Med/Surg as a new grad and there were not enough staff to train me. I followed a nurse around for 2-3 weeks and learned very little hands on skills. She had 7-9 patients and had zero time to really train me. I started out with 3 pat...
  14. War on Nurses

    I’m a BSN nurse with a two year gap and it has been hard for me to return to the bedside because hospital’s are asking for recent experience. Hospital’s do have programs for new graduates with less than six months experience. I know I am not the onl...
  15. What can I do about bullying?

    Hi, Thank you for your feedback. I sincerely appreciate it and you are right, I need to learn how to take these issues and problems up the chain. It is difficult when the bully has everyone else working with them because complaints will look more bel...