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  1. Fettuchini Alfredo

    That looks delicious!! If you like a little spicy food we tweaked an alfredo recipe to make a blackened alfredo. Use your same cream sauce--but when you grill the chicken use blackened seasoning on it. Also I slice grape tomatoes in half and u...
  2. Annoyed Parent

    My school situation is a little different than most--I work as the only nurse for three different districts (K-12 in one building) one day a week at each school. The rest of the time the school doesn't have a nurse. So teachers are used to bypassin...
  3. Drugs in HS?

    Opiates can cause lowered HR and BP. I know we have had a few kids take grandparent's/parent's/leftover narcotic pills like Vicodin and they can get light headed from low BP if they are opiate naiive.
  4. Spring BREAK

    Yeah, we are still taking in snow days here in Missouri LOL! We had yesterday off and another large storm appears to be brewing for tomorrow night. I'll take off days where I can get them, but would prefer for Spring to appear sooner than later!
  5. Student burned at school

    While schools often tend to err on the side of caution, in events where its shady if 911 is really needed I usually 1. treat the student and get them settled 2. Call the parents and give a fair and detailed assessment (Jack fell on the pave...
  6. How is Working the 3-11 shift with small children at home

    The worst shift I ever worked was 3P-3A. I thought I would die driving home most times. 3-11 sounds good--depending on how many days you work each week it will still leave you with a relatively normal sleep/wake pattern which helps a lot when...
  7. I did a clinical rotation in 2012 at a nursing home and alcohol is still on the MAR! Our patients would line up after dinner, just like for med pass, for their "prescribed" drink. I think it helped feel more like home and helped a lot of them sleep...
  8. It sounds like you have a good idea of what you want in a specialty. Mom/baby will most likely be like you said--less emergencies, lots of teaching (and handholding!), better outcomes. Even at a smaller facility without a high level NICU you m...
  9. New Grad Entering ER

    How exciting! I was also a new grad going into the ER. I agree with bitter--watch a lot, do the things you feel comfortable doing from the start, ask if you have questions, and don't be hard on yourself. I went home crying in my car a bunch th...
  10. School nurse or CICU for 50 yr old nurse?

    I chose to go into School Nursing when my kids went to school. I had taken a break from the ER when they were born/babies. I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis shortly after my first pregnancy and despite loving the ER, I wasn't sure how my body...
  11. What was the MOST ridiculous thing a patient came to the ER for?

    I had a lady come in-she couldn't stop moving and was crying hysterically. Turns out she put four packs of pop rocks in her vagina. I asked her why and she said it was "supposed to be a treat for myself for my 40th birthday". Took 3 L sterile flus...
  12. Leaving bedside as a new nurse, is it a good idea?

    I agree with belle. I would see if you can stay with the hospital PRN to keep your skills and pad your resume a bit. Not all nurses want the same things though--if preventative health and outpatient is your niche, then that is where you should...
  13. I know you disagree with me but you don't speak for the CDC either. When reading the chart--it says that Positive HCW (vaccinated, boosted, OR unvaccinated) can go to work without any restrictions if hospital is designated in "crisis" mode. Those p...
  14. This is from the CDC webpage. Most hospitals, at least in my area, are currently utilizing the crisis designation on this chart.
  15. Reported to the BON for cellphone usage?

    I think hospitals have to report to BON if they fire you. It doesn't mean you will lose your license. At the most they might censure you for a day (our state sends a quarterly paper that has all the people who have something on their license and ho...