California Baptist University BSN Programs

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Hi, I created this page as a place for students who are pre-nursing, or nursing that have any TEAS Exam, Application, Interview, and Acceptance questions. Also, any advice, tips, or questions are welcome! 

The nursing program is 6 semesters for a total of 3 years. Nursing classes are in session September through April; classes are not offered during the Summer semester.

CBU accepts 96 students in the fall and 96 students in the Spring for a total of 192 per year. 

Application Process Timeline

Fall cohort timeline- Feb. 15th app deadline, mid-March interviews, April 1st admission decision

Spring cohort timeline- Sept. 15th app deadline, beginning October interviews, Nov. 1st admission decision

TEAS EXAM INFO: As listed on our website, you have the ability to take the TEAS 3 times in one application cycle. You must wait 30 days in between attempts. The cost of the test is $70. You will pay on the day of the exam.

Clinical Rotations: Currently CBU has have clinical partnerships with Corona Regional Medical Center (CRMC); Kaiser Permanente - Fontana, Riverside, Lakeview, Moreno Valley; Loma Linda Veterans Administration (LLVA); Parkview Community Hospital; Patton State Hospital; Riverside Community Hospital (RCH); Riverside County Mental Health In-patient Services; Riverside County Public Health Department; Riverside County Regional Medical Center (RCRMC); San Bernardino County Public Health Department; Arrowhead Regional Medical Center; Ballard Rehab Hospital; Desert Valley Hospital; Eisenhower Medical Center; Menifee Valley Medical Center; Redlands Community Hospital; Saint Mary's Medical Center; San Antonio Hospital; Riverside Medical Clinic; and San Bernardino Community Hospital.



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Is the interview hard to pass? 


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I think it just depends on how you answer the questions. They want a feel for who you are, and why you are choosing nursing. 


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Love seeing pages about school here in Allnurses. It's a great resource and help to those who has a lot of question about their program and school.