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  1. rkenney

    CBU BSN FALL 2022

    I am from San Diego. I transferred from Miracosta community college. Yes, I pray we both get in! 💕🙏
  2. rkenney

    CBU BSN FALL 2022

    I am not sure how they plan to do the interviews this year. On the website it says mid-March interviews. That’s literally next week. I thought we would hear by now. A friend of mine said someone told her the 15th emails go out. I guess it wouldn’t hu...
  3. rkenney

    CBU BSN FALL 2022

  4. rkenney

    CBU BSN FALL 2022

    Hi, Has anyone heard back on an invitation for an interview via email yet? Read mid-match interviews and acceptance letters go out March 31st-April 1st.
  5. rkenney

    California Baptist University BSN Programs

    I think it just depends on how you answer the questions. They want a feel for who you are, and why you are choosing nursing.
  6. Hi, I created this page as a place for students who are pre-nursing, or nursing that have any TEAS Exam, Application, Interview, and Acceptance questions. Also, any advice, tips, or questions are welcome! The nursing program is 6 semesters for ...
  7. rkenney

    California Baptist University Fall 2021 BSN Program

    Do they interview you prior to sending out acceptance letters? Kel, hope you got in second time around.
  8. rkenney

    California Baptist University

    Hi, Good GPA, and high in theScience section. Ended up taking Medical Terminology, have 7+ years working in two hospitals (healthcare experience), veteran wife (if that matters-seems it does in other schools), first in family to attend college, ...
  9. rkenney

    California Baptist University

    I’m applying for Fall 2022. How did you do?
  10. Hello, I am a recent grad from Miracosta community college. Hoped to attend their ADN nursing program but was not accepted-TEAS score not great. Anyway, I got accepted at CBU and will start this Fall-I will have all my prereqs fulfilled by end o...