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Tweety has 30 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg, Trauma, Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac.

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  1. In the article above: Ukraine is not a 3rd world country that needs American training all of a sudden. They need weapons at this point. Like I said above they've proven themselves capable.
  2. Tweety

    Join my journey

    Could be. My fasting blood sugar tends to be on the high end of normal so I'm not sure that would be it. I think it's more of a mind thing in that I think eating something might help me sleep. But I might be crashing and not know it because I was ...
  3. There is no way of knowing if this would have provoked Putin to attack earlier than he planned. I guess at the time they were hoping for diplomacy. Also there is no of knowing if this would have actually helped the Ukraine Military who seems ...
  4. Tweety

    Are You Working Past Retirement Age?

    Stories like that encourage me to travel. It was my mother in her late 70's that inspired me to travel while I can. By then her health declined and she couldn't travel very far, but had traveled quite a bit in her younger days.
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    Join my journey

    Good job Happy! Thanks for the info on the scale, that really isn't a bad price considering what it does. Might think about it. My weight has been steady the past few weeks. Last night in the middle of the night I had some watermelon and ...
  7. Tweety

    Are You Working Past Retirement Age?

    This is me. One of the reasons I've picked such a late retirement age of 70 is that about 10 years ago I decided to travel while I was young (50 is young to me) and healthy. My budget is to set aside $400 a month to use for travel. I've been to ma...
  8. Tweety

    Sunday March 13 2022

    Good morning! Joe, sounds like an action packed weekend. Enjoy! J22, bummer that you made that wrong turn and missed your goal. Hope your appointment goes well with the neurosurgeon. I am looking forward to seeing some live theater t...
  9. Tweety

    Daylight Savings - Are You Ready to Spring Forward?

    A few years ago I thought Florida applied to congress to get out of it, but it's gotten no where. Thankfully this year I don't have to work. I work every other weekend and when it falls on my weekend I really miss that hour.
  10. Tweety

    Orlando Health New Grad

    I work for the organization but not in Orlando. I don't know what the differentials are but the pay is competitive. We've gotten a few raises to keep up with the market. I am a preceptor to a new grad and it's very supportive. It's laid out...
  11. I think with the case of Trump saying over and over the election was fraudulent I think that he also has to have an audience that is willing to believe it. He set up his base, even saying that if Clinton won it would be fraudulent, but when he...
  12. Tweety

    Saturday March 12 2022

    Stars, there was some minor wind damage, trees down, but it wasn't widespread. My neighbor got a typical quick rainstorm though other parts north of hear got a lot of rain. It's much needed as we're in one of our worst dry seasons in many years app...
  13. Tweety

    President Biden thread

    I would think that if the market was forward looking they might have taken advantage what opportunities they had for getting oil from North America. There is the thought that constructing Keystone could help alleviate problems in the future, the...
  14. Tweety

    President Biden thread

    I do agree that his stereotypes of Democrats five things are nothing but right wing rhetoric. I also think when he says the American people aren't stupid he's wrong. The dumbing down of America is long under way. I do agree that inflat...
  15. Tweety

    President Biden thread

    Opinion piece: