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klone has 16 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in OB-Gyn/Primary Care/Ambulatory Leadership.

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  1. Unless your clinical experience was different from anyone else's clinical experience, there is no need to put it on your resume. Everyone has pretty much the same clinical experience. As a hiring manager, I don't look at it whatsoever. Leave it off.
  2. klone

    Workload fair or no?

    Whether it's fair or not is irrelevant. This is how it's set up. Only you can decide if it's a reasonable workload for you or not.
  3. That's illegal. Employees cannot get fired (or if they do, they can sue for wrongful termination and will probably win) for discussing salaries with coworkers. Gah! I fell for it too!
  4. klone

    Leaving Job - Advice For Giving Notice

    Lots of LTCs and SNFs utilize CNAs who have their MAP certification.
  5. klone

    Telling My Manager I Would Like To Transfer

    Agree with the others that you should get all your ducks in a row (how long before transfer, do you have to pay back your sign-on bonus) before talking to your manager.
  6. klone

    Nurse admin misoprostol

    Yes Watch one, do one, teach one
  7. JKL, SmilingBluEyes, Wuzzie, Lunah, SirI, all the admins. My dream is to get a paying job someday at AN.com world headquarters. 🙂
  8. klone

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    This is legal, as long as it is under the "guidance" of an LIP.
  9. klone

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    Sorry I was unclear - I was speaking for my experience at my facility; it wasn't meant to be a broad generalization of all inpatient clinics. Yes, the RNs know how to do the tasks, but they don't know the MA charting, they don't know collaborative do...
  10. klone

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    See my first post in this thread regarding the RN job duties. MA job duties are to support the clinician during their clinic day. They are the "rooming staff" and room, take vitals, do med reconciliation, give immunizations, help with procedures, do ...
  11. klone

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    Do you want the job? Do you think you would enjoy it?
  12. klone

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    Clearly every clinic is different. What you said about the MAs is not at all what it's like at our organization. The RNs would have NO IDEA what the MAs do or how to train them. They sit in a completely separate area of the clinic. The RNs at our cli...
  13. klone

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    Wow. Sounds like you need better management. Did somebody hurt you?
  14. klone

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    Agree with JKL. The RNs typically do not oversee the MAs.
  15. klone

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    So, I am the manager of a primary care clinic. I can tell you what our RNs do....80% of their job is phone triage. They also do insulin and glucometer teaching, BP checks, once in a while they may help with a clinician who needs a patient to be strai...