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  1. Remote positions with a baby?

    I have went ahead and added my son to waitlists at the local day cares. So once a spot comes open this is a great idea.
  2. Remote positions with a baby?

    Thank you!I am looking into utilization review jobs now. I'm hoping to find a part time job or one that would allow some flexibility where I could use a sitter part time. I would hate to work at a hospital around my husband's schedule because then ...
  3. Remote Nursing Job Advice

    @labornurse123 I tried to message you, but I guess I'm not allowed to send private messages yet since I'm a new user to the forum. Could you pm me with more info please ?. This sounds perfect for me. I have a new baby and won't be able to find a sit...
  4. Remote positions with a baby?

    Any advice on best work at home/remote jobs that would allow flexibility with a baby? I have a 6 week old and am going to need to get back to work soon. All the day cares in my area are full. I have in laws close by that would help but I do not thin...