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londonflo has 45 years experience and specializes in oncology.

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    NOTE it was 'approved' with NO 'accreditation from a nursing body/. Big Difference I am glad for your it was self taught? I was on the admission committees of several diploma and college programs. And t...
  2. carleen health institute

    Carleen is NOT approved anymore for ASN You are not forthcoming whether you tested and passed NCLEX.
  3. Broke My HCA Contract

    That is what you signed up for. Wish it wasn't..If You bought a car to be financed over two years. But kinda like signing a purchase agreement to pay for a car; payable during 2 years (with monthly payments), after you get tired of it after 1 y...
  4. Nybon nursing school under investigation

    Why do I feel the school will declare bankruptcy (and probably create a "new school"?) Without any accrediting body there is no investigation of financial stability when new students apply. A scam preys on students who wish to achieve something with ...
  5. Annoyed Parent

    Where did the teacher think he got the ice pack/pillow?
  6. UCLA New Grad Residency Summer 2022

    I always took stationary with the college letterhead home for Summer. You should ask the address of the recipient.
  7. Wanting to get trained in ICU. Have I messed up?

    The research has shown that Covid is most encountered in a setting with 10- or more people. For example your chance in encountering with someone with covid is very high in a community setting, did the OP go to the grocery/supermarket/SAMs etc? Oh no...
  8. FOUND-PATH LLC Go to page 48.
  9. LondonFlo You seem to have alot to say about different nursing programs. If it wasn't for some of these profit schools some of us would of never made it as nurses because the traditional programs are so hard to get into. If you study you will be able to pass NCLEX. There are many non for profit schools with good reputations that the students can't pass NCLEX. So please stop bad mouthing the profit schools and I don't work for Essential school of nursing. I myself attended a profit school that had a bad reputation but I finished and continued for my BSN and currently work at one of the hospitals in New York. I did go the traditional track at first but I was not getting anywhere in the traditional track went to a profit school and was done with no nonsense, people told me I was going to have a hard time getting a job not true at all. I had more job offers than I could work. Just because you don't agree with some of the programs please don't bad mouth them. Yes 1 of my friends went to essential took her NCLEX and passed and has just started working with no problem getting a job. As for some of the things said about the school when you start you are told about the prereqs so I don't know why it was a surprise to the person that posted about the prereqs. There is also a exit test that you must pass before your name is sent to the board that was also explained at the beginning of the course. This person may not have read the info before she signed up and now blaming the school. When people can't pass this is where they get upset and problems start. This would be the same problems if they went to a non for profit school.

    1. londonflo


      Do you have a connection (even a minor one) with Found Path? Why are you always standing up for them? Can you state unequivocally you have NO, NO Absolute connection with any of these 'for profit' programs? Why do you always comment on  their outcomes, if you are not connected to them in any way?

  10. Lost CEUS

    Was there a company you used for CEUs? They usually have the records. If you took them at a hospital, call them. They keep records. If you cannot find anything, look at one of the national companies that provide CEU education for maybe $45...
  11. Nurse Companionship Call Service

    From what I hear from my friend employed as a "Warm Line Counselor." There are at least 6 of them, very busy all day. Each phone call can last at the most 20 minutes. Most callers are daily recipients. My friend explained how they offer support to sa...

    Darp7288 comments on every quote about Essential. This person is not enrolled, either past or present... must be employed by the school.
  13. What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    political science is not a science. cannot be replicated, not predictive of election results, nor having any substantive base.
  14. Nurse Companionship Call Service

    Yes! in Illinois we have the warm line as I linked above. The vetted counselors are an ear to listen.
  15. It is a great way to wind down (if you can---bring the patients' day to a close.) I am old so I would offer a back rub, give evening medications, ask about pain, provide water, turn down the lights, just calm down the situation. Of course this i...