Restroom Accidents

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Hello everyone! It's been a while since I have been on this site but it has been a pretty busy school year for the past 2 years. So now that we are getting back into the swing of "normalcy", I am seeking some advice. OK so here it goes.....

I have a PK student that has frequent restroom accidents, urine and bm accidents (not diarrhea). The student wears pull-ups and sometimes underwear but mostly pull-ups. We have tried to put the student in underwear to see if this would help the child learn to use the restroom but still, they have an accident. I have requested the parent to notify the PCP and requested documentation if there may be some underlying health problem or a solution to the problem. Ultimately I think my student has accidents due to being busy and does not want to take the time to go. What are your opinions or advice? I want to help this student and others that have the problem. Thank you all. Have a great day!

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have you tried implementing a bathroom schedule with this child?  

Purple036, LVN

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48 minutes ago, Flare said:

have you tried implementing a bathroom schedule with this child?  

The teacher has a "potty schedule" and the student goes to the restroom but she seems to have them in the afternoon during transition time to another classroom. We have spoken to those teachers to allow the student to go before and after transition but unfortunately when she is in the classroom she has an accident. 

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I would want to know if the child is fully potty trained at home. If not, then that is the problem - not fully trained. Many of our pre-k students are not, but the classroom teachers work on integrating that into their day.

Additionally, if she is never having accidents at home, then I think just more frequent trips to the BR where she sits and tries are warranted, especially in the afternoon? Does your school/district have a behavior specialist? They might be consulted in this as well. 


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Agree with k1p1ssk, it really starts at home. If you are implementing bathroom sched and at home they will just let her wear pull-ups then you guys are just going in circle.