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  2. What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    Yeah, you've spouted off that false interpretation a couple of times now. I'm not implying anything. Just clarifying what Tweety is saying. Other then your usual attempt to get attention, not sure why you interjected.
  3. Acute Care Pediatric Units

    Hey everyone! I am a current NICU RN coming up on 1 year of experience. I am interested in applying to Children's National. I am interested in the Main 4 Medical Unit and wanted to see if this is a fast paced environment. I am interested in working w...
  4. Broke My HCA Contract

    Definitely not like that. A car is an asset that you can sell for money. A $10,000 penalty is a penalty and in a lot of these contacts there is no bonus received.
  5. OHSU ABSN 2022

    I hope so too! Linfield ABSN needs a decision by April 1.
  6. UPENN DNP CRNA 2023

    Here's the link to the FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/384982883071394/
  7. UPENN DNP CRNA 2023

    Will do. Sorry about that
  8. UPENN DNP CRNA 2023

    Also can’t find it. Can u post the link by any chance?
  9. UNBC NP 2022

    Oh thats all good! Hope we get in!
  10. Hoosier_RN

    What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    Considering that it's 100% the truth, I'll encourage it all day
  11. ARC and SCC fall 2022

    Yeah, I'm bummed they seem to have changed it....
  12. Sharp New Grad Summer 2022

    Hi! I'm starting this thread for anyone who applied to the Sharp New Grad Residency for Summer 2022. Good luck everyone!
  13. Today
  14. What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    Every involved party is saying that the proposal was not brought to the White House. Are you trying to imply something here?
  15. I am concerned that something that happened at work about 6 months ago will be reported to the CA BRN (if it has not already). The situation involves narcotics that were charted given and wasted appropriately, but involved a trip to the bathroom in m...
  16. JKL33

    Broke My HCA Contract

    It's kinda not like that.
  17. Frontier University CNM program

    I don’t know when the cut off is but the sooner you apply the better I would think. They have recently expanded and started taking more students. They said now is a really good time to apply as not receiving as many apps as usual.
  18. What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    Senior military experts wanted training for Ukraine in guerilla warfare tactics. They evidently saw a need for this as Russia was building up it's forces at the border. The Biden administration went against the advice of the experts in this are...
  19. Frontier University CNM program

    That’s reassuring. I want to apply for the Winter cohort with the app due April 20. You think it’s too late to apply? I think I saw they don’t accept a lot of students.
  20. SDSU Transfer BSN Fall 2022

    From what I saw, I think last years students with 67 points were waitlisted but IDK if any of them got in. I have 67 points as well..
  21. Houston Nurse Residency Summer 2022


    Hi I have a question, I took my NCLEX on Friday, March 11 2022 at 1;00pm(EST). I did a PVT but it says its on hold. I check for unofficial Result on NCSBN websites, its not available. I am freaking out right now. I am emotionally and mentally ex...
  23. Pre.nurse.Jess

    Order of taking prerequisites question

    Hi! I took anatomy and statistics together, then physiology and ended with micro. This worked well for me and I just followed the pre req schedule for my school. Straight As so far! Good luck!
  24. Pre.nurse.Jess

    MSJC Spring 23

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to create this post for all of us that are applying to Mt San Jacinto Junior College for Spring 2023. I have shamelessly been reading old articles on this website for months now. It’s finally (almost!) my turn to apply! I’ll ...
  25. UPENN DNP CRNA 2023

    Mmm, I’m not sure what to do. I was able to add one person so far. The group is visible to all. Try looking it up again, thanks. If anyone else is having the same issue, please let me know, thank you.
  26. Frontier University CNM program

    I think you stand a very very good chance. I got in with less than a year's RN experience and no L&D and with a Non-BSN bachelors. I had experience as a birth assistant but that's it. I think this is a good time to apply as their application numb...
  27. Nervous about resigning from private duty case

    Thank you for that response. I hate having this guilt but it is just a job. I do feel it’s wrong to quit and not tell her as it affects her work life. Will the company notify her as soon as I put my resignation in?
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