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  1. San Diego city college

    Hi! Late but congrats!! I was wondering about how many points did you have when you applied? Thank you!!
  2. Hi all! I am applying to San Diego City's Nursing Program for Spring 2023! I am going to be around 74-77 points. Is anyone else applying? Thanks!
  3. Grossmont Admission Points

    I am applying with 79pts! Not expecting to get in I think its a little too low for Grossmont but you never know! Better to submit an application and try! I will submit another app the next round! Going to try to get a better TEAS score on the second ...
  4. Grossmont Fall 2022 Cohort

    Hi! I am applying with about 79 pts. Not expecting to get in this round but still wanted to submit and app!! Goodluck! Since Covid changed a lot I am not sure how many points are considered good enough to get in the program now! I think we will hear ...