Which is easier - LPN or RN?

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The LPN program I was in was 5 days a week and a test every day, or at least 3 days a week, while also going to clinicals. While in nursing school during clinicals every RN, who had also been an LPN, said the LPN program is harder, because it’s mostly the same stuff at a faster pace. I did have to spend 25+ hrs a week studying. My program was only 11 months though 


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I would say the RN program is slightly harder because of the more in depth courses you have to take. The critical care portion is pretty difficult. I only say this because I’ve watched CNAs and LPNs already flunk out because they couldn’t get the scores they needed to maintain the program requirements. They studied their asses off too. Maybe it’s based on the program you are in but right now my program has already lost a lot of students. Some of the LPNs in my program have been out of school for awhile also though so that could be a factor as well. I guess it depends really on a number of factors. 

I am hoping to get into LPN school be done quicker. Fingers crossed. Program is 3 classes and 3 semesters. Two days of class one clinical. With evening, weekend, and part time option. Just to be able work full time. Then go on to RN or RT while working. Have lot more job opportunities and make higher pay.